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Lovely Solar Fan DC 12Volt 36Watt Motor for Fans & Coolers (PVC, Grey & Red)

Original price was: ₹899.00.Current price is: ₹689.00.

About this item

  • Input : DC 12 Volt | Speed : 2300 RPM | Current : 3.0 Ampere
  • Extra Heavy Duty Powerful Motor Which Outputs only 36W power.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufactured Under the Guidance of Highly Qualified Engineers to Ensure the Life of Product.
  • Solar Panel/ Battery/ Adapter/ Solar Charge Controller is not included with this Motor.

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Product description

Power Source Requirement :- 3 Methods to run this Motor :- (1) By connecting it directly with a 60W-90W Solar Panel otherwise you have to connect a 12V Battery or Solar Charge Controller. (2) By connecting it with a DC 12V Battery. (3) By using a 4 Ampere AC to DC Adapter (If you want to run this Motor on Electricity). Description : – This Motor is operable on DC 12Volt current & 36Watt . This Motor is made of PVC material.This Motor takes 3.0 Ampere. Available in White & Pink color. This Motor has 1 speed, offerig up to 2300 RPM. Motor comes with 2 gauge wire of 2WW pure Cooper. (Warning – Don’t run on Electricity (AC Current) without Adapter (Sold Separately)).


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